ErosPulse is not easy to define. It's an exhibit, but with collaborative depth and momentary long-lasting soul. Not a one time event, but ongoing, across the country, revolving through many cities, evolving over time. Dynamic. Multiple-artists, submission judged, an important art gallery exhibit displaying figurative arts, without boundaries.

The upcoming ErosPulse is scheduled to happen in Denver, Colorado in the Winter of 2009 (March 6-7, 2009). The exhibit is being held at the "Denver Creative Cooperative" near Denver's famed Sante Fe Arts District, and is currently scheduled to display more than 50 recent works from around the Globe. The call for artists is below, and is currently open to all artists, all mediums.

ErosPulse. Topic – Genre – Force…

It could be called anything. ErosPulse...

But what is it? Perhaps it’s defined by what it’s not. It’s not porn. But certainly some will see it as such. It’s not religion, but others will see it as heavenly... even biblical. That whole ultimate creator thing will keep many wondering… debating. Hence if the body is created by some god, it must be art.

Is it erotic? Erotica? Sorry, but that word conjures up visions of old porn crossing over into art soley because it's black and white, or even sepia, so as to avoid persecution back in the day. At least to some it does. We don’t care to make this a “history of erotica” show. In fact, we don’t want to call it erotica per se. Never one to pigeon hole art. We want pieces of work that artists felt compelled to submit, that in a cumulative manner, defines the current pulse of inhibitions inspired, right now... Sure, it will be a broad range. But it will be current... for a moment… don’t blink. Not in the Winter of 2009.

For sure it’s sexy. Sensual. Provocative. Naughty. Edgy. Is it nasty? To some, and therefore that’s the edge. A dichotomy of sorts between porn and the bible. Our goal here in producing this exhibit is not to define “it”. But rather document "it". Exhibit "it".

We merely want to take the momentary pulse. ErosPulse.

What are artists “contriving” in the Winter of 2009? Each piece will have a provocative artist’s statement. A voice in perhaps a very different language. The inspiration, the motivation, the thoughts…

ErosPulse… It’s skin, it's satin, it's lace, it's leather, it's figurative, it's genitals, it's naive, i'ts blatant, it’s seductive, it’s raunchy, it’s classy, it’s rude, it’s prude, it’s blasphemy, it’s interesting, it’s intriguing, it’s inquisitive, it’s biblical, it’s porn, it’s tasteful, it’s disgusting, it’s many interpretations on oil, canvas, watercolors, photographs, wood, concrete, marble, clay, solids, liquids, gas …… imagination.

ErosPulse. An exhibit as complicated and heated as sexuality itself.

Eros Pulse. 2009